Explaining The Explainer Video

After nearly 20 years as a freelancer and entrepreneur, I took a corporate day job as a UX Architect for a large healthcare company in April 2015. (No, that’s not me in the illustration above.) As you might expect, it was a major paradigm shift for me on a number of levels, which I’ve written about elsewhere.

One of the big changes is that most of what I do now is think; I research, analyze, strategize, organize and innovate. It’s like a giant, creative, problem-solving venture where I get to ask two of my favorite questions all day long: “Why?” and “What if?”. The project on which I’m leading the UX design is a highly-complex, multimillion-dollar software platform and, as much as I love my day job and enjoy the deep thinking it requires, I find I sometimes miss the smaller projects that allowed me to see the creative process through—from idea to final product—in a short amount of time.  Sometimes it’s nice to just produce something.

So I was happy when just such a side project fell in my lap recently.  I was hired by a young entrepreneur to provide UX analysis of a new web app (SaaS) system targeted at staffing companies. In the process of my analysis, talk turned to marketing and promoting the product, and then to the production of an explainer video to be used on the marketing website.

It turns out the creation of an explainer video was just what I needed to scratch that itch to produce something. Especially since I was able to produce it as a one-man show. I wrote and narrated the script, and supplied the sound design, audio editing and mixing, illustration, animation, and video editing. It was produced using Logic Pro (for the audio recording and editing), Adobe Flash (for the illustration and animation), and Premiere Pro (for the video editing and rendering).

Given the budget and timeline, I’m happy enough with how it turned out that I wanted to post it here. Enjoy.

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