Was the Hebrew Bible Raped by the Church?

The lovable rabbi Tovia Singer claims that the Hebrew Bible was “raped” by the Christian Church, and as evidence, he points to Psalm 22:16. In this episode of Faith & Doubt, I examine the rabbi’s claims and uncover some interesting historical and linguistic facts that shed light on this verse.

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2 thoughts on “Was the Hebrew Bible Raped by the Church?”

  1. I follow the feasts and sabbath of Yehovah and found this short video very interesting.. I wanted to buy your book but am uncertain about what the title is reference to.

    1. Thanks, Sonia! The term “Torahism” refers to a religious ideology that lands about halfway between Judaism and Christianity. For a quick overview of Torahism, check out my article What is Torahism? BTW: If you end up getting my book, I would love to know what you think about it!

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