What Are We Really Fighting?

Where I think so many people have it wrong with this whole Trump thing, and why I am more fascinated than fearful about the increasing inevitability of a President Trump.

I read on CNN that Paul Ryan and other Republicans are considering putting together a 3rd party to fight Donald Trump, and in fact, there is fierce resistance to Trump from many Republican politicians. He’s also getting fierce resistance from the media in general. Lots of coverage, yes, but most of it is negative, covering the latest insensitive or childish thing he said or did. (And there has been plenty to cover.) Lots of my fellow Christians are also railing against him on social media and, as would be expected, he is getting equally fierce resistance from the Democrat party.

That’s all fine, of course. This is America and anyone can oppose Trump that wants to do so. But what I think many people are missing, especially the politicians, is that when they are resisting Trump, they aren’t really resisting Trump. Granted, the thing they dislike and oppose is the man. But in resisting Trump, what they are actually fighting against is the will of the people who voted for him in state after state after state. Trump didn’t bully his way to the top of the GOP ticket against the will of the people, he got there against the will of the political class and the media.

Whether you support Trump or think he would be the worst thing ever to happen to our country, you can’t deny this reality: he is the last man standing on the GOP ticket because, for whatever reason, his message resonates with The People. In fact, it’s resonating so profoundly, with so many millions of Americans, that he’s now within a stone’s throw of the oval office.

donald-trump-black-women-supportersThe question is why? Why have millions of people voted for a man like Trump rather than the 16 other good men and women on the GOP ticket they had to choose from? That’s the question Paul Ryan et al need to be weighing carefully before they go mounting an official resistance movement against Trump. They need to ask themselves what it is they are truly resisting.

I, for one, am sick and tired of the political class (on both sides of the aisle) resisting me and what I think is best for my family. I did not start out a Trump supporter, and I did not vote for him in the TN primaries. But I will have no problem voting for him in November. In fact, unlike most of the POTUS options we’ve had in recent memory-Romney, Obama, McCain, Kerry, Gore, Clinton, Dole, etc.-I will finally be able to cast a presidential ballot without holding my nose.

Why? Because I trust the American people a lot more than I trust politicians. (I trust businessmen a lot more than politicians, too. At least as far as getting things done and fixing problems.) The American people are speaking, let’s hear what they have to say.

In the movie Dave (1993) starring Kevin Kline, a man with an uncanny resemblance to the President of the Unites States is put in the president’s place to try to avoid a potentially explosive scandal. While acting as the president, Dave invites his CPA buddy over to the White House to have a look at the national budget. Maybe this is what I am secretly hoping a president Trump would do; bring some good old common business sense to a bloated government that has gone insane.

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