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Examining Inerrancy (Video)

How do we balance our faith and love for Jesus with the important social issues of our day? Is it possible to accept the Bible as our authority in life, and at the same time believe that some of the things the Bible teaches are wrong?

Believe me, I get it. I understand that there is a growing body of Christians who love Jesus and do not want to give Him up, but they are also uncomfortable with some of the teachings of what we might call “mainstream Christianity.” Especially those teachings that challenge or even contradict the big issues we wrestle with in society today: social justice, gender quality, women’s issues, and sexual issues like LGBTQ and sex before marriage.

This idea of keeping the Bible as our authority, but rejecting it as inerrant, is one possible way that’s being tested to resolve that tension. It gives us some wiggle room to hold on to both Jesus and our social positions. The problem is: it just doesn’t work. Check out my video below for a few thoughts on the issue.

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