Torahism: The Book

Torahism: Are Christians Required to Keep the Law of Moses?

Winner! 2023 Christian Indie Book Award – First Place Theology
Winner! 2023 BIBA Best Indie Book Award

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Are Christians required to keep the Sabbath and the Torah feasts? What about the kosher food laws and circumcision? The Ten Commandments? What is the Christian’s relationship to the Law? Torahism is the #1 book on defending against the theology of “Torah-observant” Christianity. It was written to help you understand and address the teachings of unbiblical movements such as Hebrew Roots, Torah-keepers, Hebrew Israelites, Pronomians, and so-called Messianics.

“As a Jewish believer, I am asked all the time about the Hebrew Roots movement. I never had a resource to direct people to. Now I do and an excellent resource at that. This book is very thorough and not belittling of their positions but provides great answers to the challenges often raised. This is a must-read!”
Andrew Rappaport
Founder/President, Striving for Eternity Ministries

“Impressively written and researched! Aberrant theologies have existed throughout time, requiring trusted biblical guides to bring much-needed reproof. Solberg does this superbly in his book, Torahism. And, he accomplishes this task with much ‘gentleness and respect’ (1 Peter 3:15). Even if you are not immediately confronted with this heresy, a careful reading of Rob’s book will deepen your understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”
Ed Smith, Ph.D.
President of Williamson College

“Addresses lofty theological issues with incredible accessibility and application.”
Pastor Derek Bareman
Lead pastor, Church of the City

“An excellent, balanced, scholarly refutation of the heretical teaching of Torahism . . . an apologetic in the best tradition of Christian scholarship.”
Reverend David Kirby, ret.
Host of the On The Bookshelf podcast

“A masterful work, well researched and very well-argued. Were I still a seminary professor, I would require my students to write reviews on this volume.”
Dr. Stephen Drake
Former professor, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Amazon Reviews

Excellent and informative book
“This book has been a tremendous help for me in dealing with close friends involved with the Hebrew roots movement. R. L. Solberg is to be congratulated and commended for writing this timely, important book from a sound, biblical, theological perspective. I believe—as far as I can see—he accurately represents their views, in order to interact with them in Christian love and respect.”
—CA mom to 6

Helpful, researched, intelligent overview
“I love this book. A torah-‘keeping’ family member of mine has also read this book and does not love this book. Quite the opposite . . . It’s been a blessing to me to read a well-thought out, researched, and compassionate approach to a belief system that has been divisive to my family. The arguments he lays out makes me go “Thank you! Someone else sees this!” I have read Solberg’s blog and watched hisYouTube videos for a long time, and am hugely thankful for the time he takes to research and put ideas and thoughts together in a cohesive and understandable way.”

A great read for every Christian
“This is a great book and highly recommend it for every Christian. Rob does a great job in approaching this topic in love, rather than with a whip. This isn’t one of those books where its us again them, but a book that attempts to respectfully bridge a gap between two opposing views. Unity doesn’t have to mean uniformity, and diversity doesn’t have to mean division. This book does a great job in speaking the truth in love that allows for diversity while still promoting unity.
—Tony Lewis

A great exegesis of God’s Word
“In a wonderful step by step sound exegesis of scripture R. L. exposes the false and dangerously deceptive doctrine that teaches Christians are still under the law of Moses …”
—Private Citizen

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