Torahism: The Book

New! Torahism 2nd Edition

Revised & Expanded! Includes 100 additional pages of content.

Torahism is the #1 book on defending against the theology of Torah-observant Christianity. It was written to help you understand and address the teachings of movements such as Hebrew Roots, Torah-keepers, Pronomians, and Messianic Christians.

Are Christians required to keep the Sabbath and the Torah feasts? What about the kosher food laws and circumcision? The Ten Commandments? What is the Christian’s relationship to the Law?

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“As a Jewish believer, I am asked all the time about the Hebrew Roots movement. I never had a resource to direct people to. Now I do and an excellent resource at that. This book is very thorough and not belittling of their positions but provides great answers to the challenges often raised. This is a must-read!”
Andrew Rappaport
Founder/President, Striving for Eternity Ministries

“A masterful work, well researched and very well-argued. Were I still a seminary professor, I would require my students to write reviews on this volume.”
Dr. Stephen Drake
Former professor, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Impressively written and researched! Aberrant theologies have existed throughout time, requiring trusted biblical guides to bring much-needed reproof. Solberg does this superbly in his book, Torahism. And, he accomplishes this task with much ‘gentleness and respect’ (1 Peter 3:15). Even if you are not immediately confronted with this heresy, a careful reading of Rob’s book will deepen your understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”
Ed Smith, Ph.D.
President of Williamson College

“Addresses lofty theological issues with incredible accessibility and application.”
Pastor Derek Bareman
Lead pastor, Church of the City

“An excellent, balanced, scholarly refutation of the heretical teaching of Torahism . . . an apologetic in the best tradition of Christian scholarship.”
Reverend David Kirby, ret.
Host of the On The Bookshelf podcast

Excerpts from the Foreword by Paul Wilkinson, Ph.D.

“The best conversations are those that happen spontaneously amongst sincere, passionate seekers wanting to learn, mature, and progress in their faith and life. R. L. Solberg has blessed us by inviting us into just such a conversation . . . This book is a read that flows because it originates in genuine conversations between friends and passionate believers. It is reminiscent of the ancient dialogues with questions, points, and counterpoints.

Solberg is winsome, challenging, and introspective. He does not assume he knows, rather he sincerely asks those of a differing opinion than him to help him think through the crucial implications of certain beliefs . . . I invite you into Rob and his friends’ conversation. I was challenged, encouraged, and taught by the insights Solberg brings to the fore. I pray that you heed his call to take seriously what it means for the Christian to live the godly life; to be like Jesus.”

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