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Abraham’s Righteousness

An Exegetical Paper on Genesis 15:6 The fifteenth chapter of Genesis says of Abraham, “And he believed the Lord, and he counted it to him as righteousness” (Gen. 15:6, ESV). This paper will evaluate this theologically significant verse. Word Study: וְהֶאֱמִ֖ן The Hebrew word וְהֶאֱמִ֖ן is formally rendered into English as the phrase, “and he believed” (ESV), although […]

R. L. Solberg 
Apologetics Hebrew Roots Theology

Salvation and Justification in Hebrew Roots

A standard line of argumentation by some “Torah-observant” followers of Jesus hinges on the distinction between justification and salvation. The theology of Torahism (aka Hebrew Roots, Torah-observant Christianity) holds that all the Mosaic rituals—circumcision, maintaining a kosher diet, observing the Torah feasts, etc.—are required of followers of Jesus and, therefore, it is sinful and disobedient […]

R. L. Solberg 
Apologetics Theology

Where are the Prophecies?

I recently appeared on a show called Tanakh Talk, hosted by an ex-Christian preacher who left Jesus to embrace Judaism. They were kind enough to ask me on to share the Christian perspective on a fascinating question. (Here’s the full interview.) I thought sharing my answer here on my blog might be helpful because some of […]

R. L. Solberg 
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