What God Has Made Clean

What God Has Made Clean

Why Christians Are Not Required to Eat Kosher


This short, informative book was written to cut through the confusion and explain from Scripture exactly why Christians are not required to keep the Old Covenant food laws. To make sure we’re not arguing against strawman positions, Prof. Solberg uses the actual claims of a popular Hebrew Roots teacher as the framework for his examination and tests them against the Bible. Along the way, Solberg surveys four New Testament texts commonly re-interpreted by Torah-keeping Christians, examines two common “pro-kosher” arguments, and catalogs five unbiblical burdens these sorts of teachings place on followers of Jesus.

Makes a great gift for that friend or family member who is into Torahism (aka Hebrew Roots, Torah-keepers), or is dealing with it in their life.

For Pastors: If you’ve got people in your congregation asking questions (or even challenging you) about why Christians don’t eat kosher, or keep the seventh day Sabbath, or the Torah feasts, etc. this book is a great resource for you.

“This is an easy read but it packs a big punch! RL delivers some very solid arguments.”

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