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Is Christmas Real?

In the modern Western world most everyone is familiar with the basic story of Christmas, even if they aren’t Christian. Linus Van Pelt did a pretty good job of explaining it back in 1965: The passage Linus reads in the video above is from the book of Luke and it’s amazing to see how the author […]

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The Loop Station

Today was a rainy, overcast Saturday one week before Christmas Eve. I got up early this morning and headed up to The Lab to continue dialing in my nascent loop station, affectionally dubbed “Andromeda” since it’s made up of a galaxy of gear, wires, and instruments.  I don’t necessarily have any professional aspirations for it. I […]

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Apparently, I’m now one of those old guys who like to putter around in the garage on Saturdays, not really doing much, just enjoying the day and following my fancy where it leads.  Except in my case, I don’t tinker around with tools in the garage.  Instead, I head to my little home studio I call The Lab, where I […]

R. L. Solberg 
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