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R. L. Solberg  

Christ, Culture, & Coffee

How does the Old Testament Law relate to New Testament believers? Which of the 613 laws in the Torah should Christians observe? What does it mean that Jesus fulfilled the Law, but didn’t abolish it? In this episode of the Christ, Culture, & Coffee podcast, I join hosts Robby and Tyler for an engaging chat about all of the above and more.

“With more and more Christians falling into the Hebrew Roots Movement, and other similar groups, we need to clearly understand how the Law of Moses does and does not apply to Christians today. In our discussion with R.L. Solberg, we look into why the Sabbath does not need to be observed on Saturday, why Jewish feasts and holidays are not mandatory, and how we can lovingly show those involved in Torahism what Scripture says and how Jesus fulfilled the requirements of the Law on our behalf.”

What do you think?

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