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Gloryland (Live)

Last year (2014) I was blessed to be a part of a big Christmas tour with my band Dust & Daisies. We got to play a bunch of shows across southern Norway, where I’ve got lots of good friends that I love. And then we got to play a few shows here in the US including at our home church for our Celebrate Recovery program, where I’ve also got lots of good friends that I love.

The Norway leg of the tour was grueling for a number of reasons, including illness and personal issues back home. But God is so good and those Norway shows were incredibly rewarding and impactful. We got to meet and talk to lots of people and share the reason for the hope that is within us.

Last year’s concert at our home church in Franklin, TN was incredible, too. There was such great energy and it felt like a private concert for our close friends. Its especially fun for me, personally, when I’m playing with incredible musicians and I get to crank up my Les Paul to near rock-and-roll volumes. The video below captures the energy and spirit of that show. Its got a drum solo, Deb’s powerhouse bluesy vocals, lots of Les Paul action, and a Big Rock ending.

This is an original song that really shows off our 70’s rock roots. Its called “Gloryland” and it talks about keeping our eyes on our heavenly reward when our times here on earth get tough. Enjoy.

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