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R. L. Solberg  

The Musings of a Dad

Yesterday, May 7, at 2:22 AM, marked the 23rd birthday of my youngest daughter. That got me reminiscing about the day she was born. And it occurred to me how crazy it is that none of us chose to be here. We’ve all been sort of thrust into life without being asked or consulted about the decision. That decision was made for us by two other people. And, let’s be honest. Many times it wasn’t a decision as much as an unintended consequence. Either way, when we first began to exist, we were 0% responsible for being here. And during the first nine months of our existence, as we were growing in size and strength and faculty, we were entirely dependent on someone else—a dependence that continued for many years afterward.

No matter where we fall in terms of science, ethics, or religion, we can all agree on two things if we’re honest. First, what we find inside a mother’s womb is a living thing. However we want to define that “thing,“ it is alive and growing, and if left alone, it will continue to grow. That was every one of us at one point in our lives. Second, although this living thing is growing inside of—and is entirely dependent on—the mother’s body, it is not the mother’s body. It is a separate life with its own unique genetic code and DNA.

I believe every human life is made in the image of God and is known by God, and is, therefore, precious. And that is true of all of us; grandparents, mothers, fathers. And children, too, whether born or unborn. We have never met a human being who did not begin as an entirely dependent living thing not responsible for their own existence. We have also never met a human being who is not of infinite value in the eyes of God.

And we have never met a human who is perfect, either. We all mess up. We all fall short. Fortunately for us, the love, grace, and forgiveness of the Living God is infinitely bigger than even the most horrible thing we’ve ever done. And, amazingly, His love and grace are available to each one of us if we choose it.


What do you think?

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