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Live Debate in Nashville (July 17)

Click here for tickets. This should be a really interesting evening. I am debating Rabbi Tovia Singer live in Nashville. This is not a typical topic for me to debate, but I am really looking forward to it!

An Event of Biblical Proportions!

A Scholarly Debate: “Is Jesus the Promised Jewish Messiah?”

Sunday, July 17, 2022
6:00PM – 9:00PM

Embassy Suites by Hilton – Nashville Airport
Southern Grand Ballroom
10 Century Blvd, Nashville, TN 37214

*Special rates available at the hotel for event attendees (coupon code is on your ticket)

3 thoughts on “Live Debate in Nashville (July 17)

  1. Barry Jones

    What should spiritually dead skeptics think when spiritually alive people disagree with each other about how to interpret the OT? We should think that spiritually DEAD people like us don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of figuring the “correct” interpretation. The commentary called “WORD biblical commentary” is written by evangelical Christians, and yet the authors do not push “messianic prophecy” at all when they get to stuff like Micah 5:2 or Isaiah 53. In other words, forget the Jews, the Christians themselves cannot even agree on whether the OT “predicts” Jesus in a way any stronger than “typology”.

    In other words, it is reasonable for skeptics to ignore this whole business of “messianic prophecy”. We are reasonable to delay conversion until god makes the message clear, because we read in Matthew 7:22-23 that even those deeming themselves to be Christians will get a nasty surprise on Judgment Day. Best not to make any decision until these interpretative disputes cease. And that’s just one way that skeptics can reasonably justify putting off “accepting Jesus”.

    1. R. L. Solberg

      Hi, Barry. Good to hear from you again! You seem to be struggling with an acute case of “analysis paralysis.” It brings to mind the salient words of the rock band, Rush, “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.” Respectfully, I’d be curious to know if you “crowd source” all of your positions in life, or if that approach is only applied to Christianity? Are you waiting for everyone to come to a census on the best form of government, or when to get married, or if God exists before you take a position on those issues? Skepticism taken too far becomes a self-defeating premise. What does the skeptic do once he has become skeptical of skepticism? Blessings, Rob

  2. Juanita Winters

    I was once asked why God makes it so hard to get to the truth. It would be great if He gave us all a “road to Damascus moment” but such is not the case. I believe that God highly respects and loves the honest and diligent seeker of truth. It is not that truth comes all tied up in a pretty little box or that truth is what the majority believes (good grief) but that truth is revealed to each of us as we search scripture, as if we were searching for treasure. God blesses a true seeker of truth.

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