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Created in God’s Image

“It’s difficult to exaggerate the importance of the doctrine of man”.[1] Anthony A. Hoekema begins his book Created in God’s Image with this bold statement and spends the next 243 pages exploring every implication and outworking of the Christian view of man.[2] He breaks his treatise down into two main sections: man as created in […]

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On the New Word

Before reading this article please make sure to review the LGBTQ+ Sensitivity Statement. It will come as no surprise that I am a member of a Facebook group called Biblical Theology Nerds. My comment on a recent post in that group resulted in an interesting conversation which I thought I’d share here. The post shared […]

R. L. Solberg 

What is Biblical Theology?

In this article, we will examine the scholarly discipline known as Biblical Theology. We will begin by examining how it relates to and is distinct from other key theological disciplines, especially Systematic Theology. We will then analyze the overarching storyline of Scripture through the lens of Biblical Theology, seeking to build a foundational understanding of […]

R. L. Solberg 
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